What if my child misses All-Star Team Evaluations?

If you missed evaluations on August 18th, please call Coach Angie at 803-477-8581 to schedule a private evaluation. The private evaluation fee is $30/athlete. 


What should my child wear for class?


Every athlete should wear a tank/t-shirt, cotton or spandex bottoms, hair pulled back tightly out of the face, no jewelry, and cheer or lightweight tennis shoes.


Do you have a registration fee?


We do require a yearly $30/athlete registration fee. Should a child withdrawal from a class or program, they will incur an additional registration fee.


Are you in a new training facility?


Cayce Gymnastics will be our temporary training facility for now until we find our new home. Thank you Cayce for opening your doors to us, providing us with a home away from home, and allowing us to train in your facility! We are forever grateful! 


Cayce Gymnastics and Carolina Crossfire are two separate businesses. Do not contact Cayce Gymnastics in regards to Carolina Crossfire programs and classes. Call (803)477-8581 with any questions or if you need assistance.

I do not see a class option for my child?

We are currently renting gym space. The more interest we have will allow us to add additional classes, days, and times. Follow us on Facebook and subscribe below to be added to our mailing list etc. for updates regarding new programs and classes.


How are you protecting athletes during COVID-19?

The health and safety of our athletes, staff, and family members are the most important thing to us. While we are very excited to welcome new and familiar faces, we do have protocols in place to keep all participants safe and healthy while being active participants in the gym. Please find COVID-19 policies listed under the "About Me" section. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Can parents watch?


During this pandemic, we are not allowing parents, family members, or friends in at this time. If you are scheduled for a private lesson, the minor must have an adult present in the gym during individual training for safety reasons.


How can I schedule a private lesson?


Private lessons can be scheduled with Coach Angie. You have the choice of 1. Her home with multiple mats at $20/30 minutes in Blythewood. 2. At your home with a panel mat provided for $30/30 minutes. 3. At Cayce Gymnastics at $35/30 minutes or $65/60 minutes.Call 803-477-8581 to schedule your one-on-one instruction.